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A box.

Boxes are items that are periodically delivered to the player's room, and contain various rewards. Boxes will float above the player via a delivery system until tapped, dropping the box onto the floor. If the player does not do this, the box will disappear. After the box is on the floor, the player may then tap and hold to open it, revealing the reward inside. Depending on which era the player is in, the delivery system varies. For example, in the Modern Era boxes are delivered via a drone, while in the Prehistoric Era boxes are delivered via a purple pterodactyl.


Boxes contain various rewards, as listed below from most common to least common.

  • 30x Coin Blast
  • 30x Tap Speed for 20 sec
  • 150x Coin Blast
  • 50x Tap Speed for 20 sec
  • 1-3 Hyperbits