Bitcoin Billionaire Wikia

Hyperbits (Hyperbit.png) are the premium currency used in Bitcoin Billionaire. They can be purchased from the Store or earned in-game via boxes, emails, the Casino, tasks, cards and in the Free Stuff menu of the Store. Hidden Hyperbits can also be found in the Achievements menu. Hyperbits can be used to purchase Offline Investments, Supercharge abilities, standard Casino spins and various other special features and items. The unit symbol for the Hyperbit is Hb.

Store Prices[]

Icon Hyperbits Cost ($) Perks Cost per Hb Cost per 50 Hb
Hyper50.png 50 Hb $2.29 $0.05 $2.29
Hyper150.png 150 Hb $5.79 19% more Hb $0.04 $1.93
Hyper350.png 350 Hb $11.99 39% more Hb

Includes Bling Bot pet

$0.03 $1.71
Hyper1000.png 1000 Hb $28.99 59% more Hb

Includes Bling Bot pet

$0.03 $1.44
Hyper2200.png 2200 Hb $57.99 79% more Hb

Includes Bling Bot pet

$0.03 $1.32
Hyper5000.png 5000 Hb $119.99 99% more Hb

Includes Bling Bot pet

$0.02 $1.20

Hyperbit Uses[]

Hyperbits can be used to access a variety of unique features in the game, all listed below.

  • Purchasing Offline Investments, allowing the player to earn a percentage of that investment while the game is closed for a certain amount of time. The effect is permanent and does not need to be repurchased.
  • Doubling the effects of good cards and skipping the effects of bad ones.
  • Card effects can be revealed for 3 Hb.
  • All Supercharge abilities cost Hyperbits, with the exception of Auto Miner, Coin Doubler and Hb Doubler.
  • Hyperbits can be used to purchase standard spins at the Casino for 10 Hb per spin.
  • The player may purchase a special pet Cat for 100 Hb that gives the player a permanent +30% Coin Bonus.
  • The player will receive a free Bling Bot pet with the purchase of a 350 Hb package or higher.
  • After reinvesting once, the player may use Hyperbits to instantly reinvest before reaching BitMiner v.25.0.
  • The character may be changed at any time for the price of 1 Hb in the Store.